About Us

Our mission

Extremecarbon, Lda is a company that incorporates modern thinking and the latest technologies in composite materials with old school traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail. We take pride in being perfectionists that love motorcycles and love creating awesome and top-notch things for them. Our aspiration and unwavering mission is to offer the rider, pro or amateur, the best product for his/her motorbike.

At our company, we believe that keeping our word counts as much as our ability in building a product that is strong, light and aesthetically pleasant. Our products are made with a strong and lightweight carbon fiber and Kevlar blend, high temperature certified aeronautic resin and back finish with aluminum fiber,.


All items are made according to the exact dimension of the OEM part and are easily assembled with OEM bolts.

It’s guaranteed to withstand weathering caused by heat and exposure to UV rays, while maintaining its strength and integrity capabilities. Our products are entirely handcrafted in Portugal, using high grade components.
Professionalism, Experience, Research, Updated Production Systems, Craftsmanship, Technological Innovation, the latest Raw Materials in Composites and a strong will-power to never give up, has made this company and its products what they are today. With eyes always set on the future, strong we keep going forward …

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